Video Camera Inspection

When you have a clogged drain, there are many different potential culprits causing the problem. You could be experiencing a clogged drain due to excess debris, overgrown roots, waste blockage, sediment build-up, grease clogs, and more. This is important, because the method a professional contractor takes to clear a drain depends on what is clogging the drain. In order to properly diagnose and treat a drain clog, expert contractors at All Drain Services use top of the line video inspection technology. By inserting a small camera into your drain, we are able to determine exactly what is causing the problem, and quickly solve the problem.

The video camera we use utilizes an infrared lighting system that contains a small transmitter. The camera is pushed down the drain and will record the footage of your pipe. This footage shows the technician exactly where they need to excavate by locating the problem in the drain line, identifying the location, confirming the interior condition of the line, and providing a video recording of the line.

For more information about our professional video camera technology, please feel free to contact us at All Drain Services today. We would also be happy to provide you with a free quote on our services.

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