Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is key for protecting pipes, which is exactly why All Drain Services provides discounted pricing for the regularly scheduled services. The same practices associated with caring for a vehicle are in line with caring for a home's drainage system. By having the equipment serviced several times a year, more expensive repairs are avoided. Should a pipe burst or leak, it isn't just the cost of repairing the damaged pipe, but replacing and repairing the damaged areas in the house, ranging from general water damage to a complete basement remodel, should the pipe leak while individuals are away from the home. On top of this, utility bills drop drastically, as less water is used for showers, toilet flushes and washing dishes, plus any other water requirement. The savings in utility bills alone is generally enough to pay for the scheduled preventative maintenance, designed to ensure the pipes, drains and sewers are always properly functioning.

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